Custom Ketubah on Leather Parchment


My Ketubah Art Studios offer a unique blend of traditional and modern Ketubah designs.

Whether you're looking for a simple Ketubah or need help with a commissioned artwork, I would love to work with you.  

I provide high quality fine art Ketubahs, unique selection, variety of texts and many customization options to offer a Ketubah for every taste and budget.  

I use the very best leather parchment materials and kosher ink (that are also used for the Sefer Torah and the Mezuzah), high quality watercolors and 24 karat Gold Leaves for special gilding and luminous shine. All materials are archival for life.  

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work, visit my gallery and choose your desire text.  

I wish to congratulate you on your special and important day of your life.  

Orna Weisberg


 Something to Think About :


When taking into consideration the enormous effort and expenses spent on flowers, table settings, cake, and many others items which will only last for one evening, this most important artistic document that represents your covenant love and bonding will last for a lifetime and would be past on to the generations to follow, because it is made on LEATHER PARCHMENT. Even the wedding photos will fade with time while your ketubah will be with you and your family and for many generations to come.

Ketubah on Kosher Leather Parchment (Vellum)

 What makes my (Vellum) Finest Leather Parchment ketubot so unique and valuable?

I write the ketubah on a kosher leather parchment of the best quality. Unlike paper, the parchment leather has traditionally been considered stronger and more stable material. It can last for hundreds of years and will never disintegrate. It is also used for the Sefer Torah, Tefillin, and Mezuzas.
As you well know, the ancient Bible and all the ancient scrolls were always hand made and written on kosher parchment hide. A great deal of care was placed on how the animals were raised and slaughtered. The slaughters were supervised by the highly rabbis.
The ink used on my ketubot is also kosher and is made out of pomegranates pill. This ink I am using is also used for mezuzah scrolls and fully authorized by the high rabbinate.
The calligraphy nibs and quill I use are used by the Soferey Stam.
Why write on leather parchment?

The leather parchment guarantees that this original Ketubah will stay for many years with you and your family and for many generations to come. Leather parchment is more durable, valuable and stronger than paper. Writing on a leather parchment ensures the ketubah a long life as a living document. The ketubah will not lose its beauty over the years. That is why it is strongly recommended to write the Ketubah on real leather parchment.

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How to order?

Ordering an original artwork is the most personalized way to express your vows of love. The process is very simple.

Contact me, and share your ideas about the symbols, themes and designs which are personally meaningful to you and can be incorporated into a personalized design for your ketubah. Then, fill in the personalization form, choose a text, and send it to me. That's it! I will contact the Rabbi/Cantor/ Officiate for his/her text proof, and work on your amazing one of a kind piece of art on leather parchment.  


Prices :  

Price may vary based on size, media, design and illumination complexity. Visit my Gallery and look for price examples under "Description".  

   Completion Schedule:  

Since this is commissioned custom hand made piece of art, estimate time for completion is usually 3-4 weeks. Express orders are also available.  

Call me 1(415) 860-2090, I will create the most durable, unique, custom tailored ketubah for you.


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