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About Orna Weisberg


About Me

My name is Orna Weisberg. I grew up and lived in Israel, until we moved with our kids to San Francisco in 2009. From the time I can remember I was always making some kind of art from drawings and painting with oil and acrylics on canvas, to sculpting and craft projects.

When I first began designing the Ketubahs, I was inspired to try something that blends traditional, biblical symbolic imagery but in a contemporary way. So I decided to use the materials that our forefathers were using for the ketubahs, and discovered that leather parchment has traditionally been used instead of paper for important documents such as the Sefer Torah, the mezuzah, the Ketubahs, public laws, indentures, and land records as it has always been considered a strong and stable material. It has been made for centuries, and is usually calf, goat, or sheep skin.

Working with leather parchment was a great experience. Unlike paper, parchment is an animal skin that has been prepared for writing or printing. It is more durable, valuable and stronger than paper. I buy the best quality kosher leather parchments in Israel and import them to the US. The ink used on my ketubahs is also kosher and is made out of pomegranates pill. The calligraphy nibs and quill that I use are also used by the Soferey Stam.

Adding modern twist to the old traditional way of making ketubahs was a challenge for me and I was trying to add concepts of endless love, commitment, loyalty, stability and friendship in an artistic way.

Modern wedding couples that wish to combine contemporary designs in a Jewish traditional way are welcome to purchase a unique Ketubah that is not only an important document but also an original timeless piece of art.

True art lovers find my designs very appealing and are all very proud to hang the Ketubah in their home.
It is an honor for me to create one for you too.

Orna Weisberg

Please Note:
My art studios are located in San Rafael and San Francisco, California.
However, I get orders from the U.S., Canada and from all over Europe.
You are welcome to contact me by email or phone and we can set a convenient mutual meeting (or talk on the phone, and share ideas via emails) and together we will work in designing the motifs, styles, colors and calligraphy which will make your ketubah a one of a kind original piece of art.

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