Ketubah on Leather Parchment

DIY Ketubah

Do It Yourself Ketubah

Creating your own ketubah is sometimes the easiest way to go when you just can’t seem to find the desired ketubah you were looking for.

Here is where we come in to help!

My ketubah Art Studios offer you almost any shape of text you wish. From circular, rectangular, square, to oval, or even arch.

The process is super easy.

Choosing the Text : 

We are able to provide you with many different unique texts to choose from that you can’t find anywhere else. Our ketubah texts data is huge! We will send you many options to get inspired by. We will help you with the Jewish date and Hebrew names that need to be translated or transliterated to Hebrew from English.

We will work with your Rabbi: Part of our service is contacting the Rabbi in order to get him/her familiar with your text, and to give him the opportunity to add his comments and correction on the text. Your text will be personalized.

The text can be in English, Hebrew or both. You may send me your own text and I will have you and the Rabbi/Officiant a draft for approval. When the text draft is approved, after you also approve the digital version we send you, we can go with the print.

Paper size you can order:

The print can be on either 17″x22” , 24″x36″ or 24″x24″.

Printed color:

You can choose any color you like.

You get the best quality paper out there:

Archival cold press textured thick white non toxic paper.

Shipping: We will carefully wrap the print and ship it to you via UPS.

We will provide you with framing instructions, a piece of the printed paper, and non smear pen to practice your signatures before you go on the artwork.

What next: Now you have the option to either send it to another artist or friend you know can design around the text or use YOUR artistic skills to make a unique one of a kind ketubah.

Use a pencil to draw your design directly on your printed Ketubah document. You can for instance add gold, swarovski, pearls, cut out with different background, color it with watercolor or acrylics, and basically the sky is the limit in terms of creativity.

It is THAT simple!

Prices: 17″x22″ – $325

24″x36″- $395

24″x24″- $375

Below are two photos of a DIY Ketubah that the couple have made by using our services: All they got from us was the text printed in a circular shape. The size was 24″x36″. Isn’t it gorgeous?

photo 1 photo 5

diyketubah2 diyketubah1


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