Ketubah on Leather Parchment

Elements of the Ketubah

About the Collection

Orna Weisberg has designed a beautiful collection of Ketubahs that are timeless pieces of art.  Each design is artistically inspired with symbolic concepts of love, commitment and acceptance in an elegant modern way. Orna’s print collection is the perfect companion to your most important document that bonds your love together. Each ketubah was inspired with symbolic imagery of the Jewish tradition and with colors that are woven together in a way that is contemporary and very artistic.

Vow Text Is Custom Tailored To Your Needs

Whether traditional wedding vows or non-traditional vows, you are welcome to modify the text, add phrases from a poem you love, write your own unique and special words to each other, and Orna will intertwine them into your timeless piece of art ketubah.

Signature Lines

If you wish to honor special guests, or members of your friends and family to sign and validate your ketubah as witnesses, our studio is happy to customize a set of signature lines that will be appropriate for your wedding ceremony.


In most Jewish Wedding ceremonies, the Rabbi or Officiant will read the vows aloud during the ceremony. After the ketubah is validated and signed by the witnesses, the ketubah can be placed on a display at the reception for all guests to see, read and admire. The ketubah can be professionally framed after the wedding day to be hang in the couple’s home; not only as a work of art but as a daily reminder of their love and commitment to each other.

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