Custom Ketubah on Leather Parchment


1. What makes my ketubot so unique and valuable?

I write the ketubah on a kosher leather parchment and of the best quality. The Klaf (parchment) I use is also used for the Sefer Torah and Mezuzas. As you well know, the ancient Bible and all the ancient scrolls were always hand made written on kosher parchment hid. Great deal of care was placed on how the animals were raised and slaughtered. The slaughters were done and supervised by the highly rabbis.

The ink used on my ketubot is also kosher and is made out of pomegranates pill. This ink I am using is also used for mezuzah scrolls and fully authorized by the high rabbinate.
The calligraphy nibs and quill I use are also used by the Soferey Stam.

2. Why writing on a leather parchment?

The leather parchment guarantees that this original Ketubah will stay for many years with you and your family and for many generations to come. Leather parchment is more durable, valuable and stronger than paper. Writing on a leather parchment ensures the ketubah a long life as a living document. The ketubah will not lose its beauty over the years. That is why it is strongly recommended to write the Ketubah on real leather parchment.

3. What is a Kosher Ketubah?

A Kosher Ketubah is the one that has no errors. we will provide you with the ketubah prior the wedding in order for you to double check it with your rabbi to make sure it was perfectly made. we guarantee the quality and the kosherness of your ketubah.

4. Is a Ketubah made by women still Kosher?

Yes. The Ketubah is a Jewish tradition. Not Halacha.
This fact allows women to write Ketubot.

5. How and when to order?

The process is very simple. We invite you to have a look at the various designs on our gallery. You are most invited to contact us by phone and/or email, and together we will schedule a meeting where we will be able to give you some ideas of designs, colors, size, length, text versions (orthodox, reform, civil) and so on. We recommend you start taking care of ordering your ketubah at least four months prior the ceremony.

6. Is there a way to order the Ketubah without a meeting?

Of course. You may choose the version you like from our gallery, contact us by phone or email and after you choose the size and the material. We will send you the Ketubah wherever you are on the globe.

7. Text versions for different ceremonies

Visit our Texts page to view the different versions (under “Ketubah Info”>”Texts”).
There are many ways to write the ketubah text. The Sephardic text is a bit different than the Ashkenazi text. If it is an orthodox wedding we will ask you to contact the rabbi who performs the ceremony and bring me the text he will use during the ceremony.

If it is a conservative, reform or civil ceremony, we will be more than happy to advise, help and offer you variety of texts. However, we do believe that it is worth the effort that the two of you work together as a couple to edit the text of the ketubah yourselves, and create a special document that expresses what’s in your hearts and souls.

8. Design

Any ideas you have based on these or other ancient art work, symbols, themes and designs which are personally meaningful to you can be incorporated into a personalized design for your ketubah.

An excellent on-line resource is the Jewish National and University Library.

9. Completion Schedule

Since this is commissioned custom hand made piece of art, estimate time for completion is usually 8-10 weeks. Express orders are also available.

10. How much does a Ketubah cost?

Prices are determined by the type of paper, materials, designs, size, length, gilding, other options and personal requests.

11. Payment

Payment is due in full prior to commencing any art work.

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