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How to submit the personalization information:

You can either fill out our online form or print out the form and email it to us: myketuba [at]
Having your ketubah personalized ensures that you will have a beautiful and integrated piece of art with no gaps or empty spaces within the text. Should you need any assistant regarding the Jewish date, leave it empty and we will help you transliterate all the information you need.
If you are getting married by an Orthodox or Conservative Rabbi, we recommend you print the personalized form and have your Rabbi fill in the Hebrew part and then place the order online.

Ketubah Information

Please fill in the following information as it is to appear on your ketubah. To enter Hebrew words, write the name phoenetically in English. I will contact you and send you a text proof.

  •  Before Sundown  After Sundown

Bride’s Information

Bride’s Parents’ English Names

Bride’s Parent’s Hebrew Names (if you know it or they have one, otherwise leave blank)

  •  First Time  Divorced  Widow

  •  Yes  No

     Yes  No
  •  Kohen  Levi  Israelite  Not Jewish  Don’t Know

Groom’s Information

Groom’s Parents’ English Names

Groom’s Parent’s Hebrew Names (if you know it or they have one, otherwise leave blank)

  •  Yes  No

     Yes  No
  •  Kohen  Levi  Israelite  Not Jewish  Don’t Know

Other Information

  •  Rabbi  Cantor  Officiant
  •  Yes  No
  •  Yes  No
  • (Here you can let us know by when you must have your ketubah, if you would like extra witness lines, if you wish to sign-off on a proof or anything that may be pertinent so we can get it to you in plenty of time as you want it)

Customer Information

* Required Fields

Please copy and past this form to your email and send it to
I will contact you to send you the text proof.

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