Ketubah on Leather Parchment

Important Info

Ordering an original artwork is the most personalized way to express your vows of love.

An excellent on-line resource is the Jewish National and University Library:

Any ideas you have based on these or other ancient art work, symbols, themes and designs which are personally meaningful to you can be incorporated into a personalized design for your ketubah.


Price may vary based on size, media, design and illumination complexity.

Completion Schedule:

Since this is commissioned custom hand made piece of art, estimate time for completion is usually 3-4 weeks.

Express orders are also available.


Payment is due in full prior to commencing any work.

Signing the Ketubah:

The Jewish marriage contract should be signed with a non-smearing pen. Do not use a felt tip or fountain pen. An old-fashioned ballpoint is permanent and works very well on almost any paper. You can also get a micron uniball pen from the art store that is pigment ink, fade-proof and waterproof. These are not expensive and are readily available.

Framing the Ketubah:

I get many questions regarding framing the ketubah before and after the ceremony.

There are few ways to do that:

1. The Ketubah can be taped on a foam board and should be double matted.  Please make sure the framer will NOT glue down the whole Ketubah (!). Only few glue dots or tape are needed. You can use the plexiglass for the wedding. The ketubah pops out for easy signing before the wedding.  It can be displayed on an easel with the plexiglass for the reception. After the wedding, the framer will replace the plexiglass with glare-free museum quality glass.

2.  A mat board with a precut window frame backed with a foam board can be a great option for placing the ketubah on an easel.

3. A simple poster frame can do just as good. After the wedding you can take it to the framer and ask for a museum quality frame.

All foam boards and precut mattes can be reached at any art store near you. Don’t forget to measure the ketubah size and length before you go there.

Important Instruction:

Please DO NOT expose the ketubah to direct sun or moist in any way.

For more information please call me: 415-860-2090.

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