Ketubah on Leather Parchment

Reform C

This ketubah witnesses before God and all those present that on the_______ day of the week , the______ day of the month of ________,
in the year Five Thousand Seven Hundred and____________,
which corresponds to the_____________day of the month of__________, in the year__________, here in ______________________,
the holy covenant of marriage was entered into
between the groom,_________(son of)___________and the bride, __________(daughter of)_____________.
With this ring, I consecrated unto you as my spouse.
We stand under the chuppah before family and friends to make a mutual covenant as equal partners, loving friends, and supportive companions all through our life.
We will value and revere one another with honor and integrity as we create a loving future together.
We will bring out in ourselves and in each other qualities of forgiveness, compassion, and virtue.
Our love will provide us with the determination to be ourselves while cherishing each other’s uniqueness.
We promise to share in each other’s aspirations and empower each other to fulfill our goals and pursue our dreams.
We will create a closeness that will enable us to express our innermost thoughts and feelings.
We promise to treasure and nourish one another; to be sensitive at all times to each other’s needs;
to talk and to listen; to honor, respect and appreciate one another.
We promise to always be honest and open; to support each other through life’s challenges;
to comfort one another through life’s sorrows; to share with each other life’s joys.
We will build a home together and fill it with laughter, empathy, faith, imagination, trust, friendship, companionship and love;
a home in which holidays and traditions are celebrated in accordance with our ________ heritages; a home devoted to learning, charity, and acts of kindness; a home where all are welcome.
We will build a family and provide for its physical and emotional needs.
We will teach our family courtesy and compassion and we will be role models for the values we teach our children.
May our lives blossom together; our souls woven tight in the deepest of intimacy.
It is valid and binding.


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