Ketubah on Leather Parchment

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This ketubah witnesses before God, the Jewish community, family and friends,
that on the ____ day of the week, the ___ day of ___, in the year 577__,
corresponding to the ___ day of ___, 20__, the holy covenant of marriage was
entered into in ____, _____, between the groom _____ so of , and the bride,
______, daughter of _____, according to the laws and traditions of Moses and
Israel. And each affirmed to the other: “I promise to stand by you always, to be
joy to your heart and food to your soul; to bring out the best in you always, and
for you, to be the most that I can be; to laugh with you in the good times and
struggle with you through life’s challenges. May we strive to bring to fruition
both our shared and our individual hopes and dreams. Let us build our home
on a foundation of trust, respect and generosity of spirit guided by Torah
values and traditions. May our lives be embraced by warmth, peace and love.
And when we grow old may we walk together hand in hand, still feeling
sweetness of our devotion. I give myself without reservation to our union and
welcome you as my partner in life. May our home and family be bestowed
with blessing and peace.”
All is valid and binding.
Groom ___________________ ___________________ Bride
Witness __________________ __________________Witness

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